Mommy Makeover

Restoring your figure

The Mommy Makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that some women may elect to pursue after pregnancy. Pregnancy affects a woman’s breasts, abdominal muscles, skin elasticity, and sometimes weight gain.

The procedures often associated with a Mommy Makeover includes breast lift, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and/or liposuction. The most common procedures would include breast lift and abdominoplasty.

If you plan on becoming pregnant again in the future, most of these procedures should not be performed as the pregnancy will affect these tissues again.

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Payment & Financing

Insurance does not pay for surgeries considered purely cosmetic. All cosmetic surgeries must be paid for in full 7 days BEFORE surgery.

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Financing Options

Prosper Healthcare Lending – call 1-800-625-7412 ext. 2
Care Credit – call 1-800-677-0718

Together we can reveal your ideal you. If you feel like you would benefit from any mommy makeover procedure, please make an appointment today.