Breast Augmentation

Enhancing Your Breasts

Breast Augmentation can be performed with implant placement or by performing liposuction and injecting your fat into the breasts to increase their volume. Breast implants are the more common choice by patients but there are pros and cons to both and we will be happy to discuss either or both of those options with you.

Implants are filled with either saline or silicone, have a smooth or textured surface, and have a round or teardrop shape. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

The incision can be placed around the areola or under the breast, and the implant can be placed above or below your pectoralis muscle. When placed below the muscle a dual plane technique is utilized which allows muscle covering the implant in the upper part of the breast and breast tissue covering the implant in the lower part.

During your consultation you will have time to try on implant sizers and pre-operative photographs will be obtained for your medical record.

Before and After Photos

What you can expect

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is usually accomplished in 2 hours or less. The implant will be placed either above or below your muscle which will be decided at the time of your consultation.

The sutures will dissolve on their own and will be deep to the skin. This is an outpatient procedure performed at Auburn Surgery Center.

Taking time to heal

Your surgeon will have you in either a bra or compression wrap after surgery. The recovery time varies for each woman but most women return to non-strenuous work by 1 week after surgery. We recommend avoiding exercise for 3-4 weeks after surgery and you should not submerge your incisions under water until 4 weeks after surgery.

If your implants are placed under your muscle, it is common for them to look like they are “riding high.” Over the course of the next 2-3 months they will settle down into a more natural position. We often recommend a compression wrap to the upper part of the breasts to assist with this.

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Payment & Financing

Insurance does not pay for surgeries considered purely cosmetic. All cosmetic surgeries must be paid for in full 7 days before surgery.

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Financing Options

Prosper Healthcare Lending – call 1-800-625-7412 ext. 2
Care Credit – call 1-800-677-0718

Together we can reveal your ideal you. If you feel like you would benefit from a breast augmentation procedure, please make an appointment today.