A nose that matches your desired look

A rhinoplasty is unique to each patient and we find it important to understand the patient’s nasal concerns. The operation can address a dorsal hump, straighten the nose, reshape the tip, make refinements in the nostrils, address a deviated septum, or help improve nasal breathing.

A rhinoplasty can be done for aesthetic concerns or functional ones (i.e. improve breathing). During your consultation we will perform a detailed nasal exam and elicit your concerns in an effort to best achieve a result you are happy with.

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How we restructure your nose

In general you can expect a small incision across the columella and inside each nostril. This allows access to cartilage and bone that may need to be removed or reshaped. Each case is unique but common techniques include cartilage grafts to help support or shape the nose, bony osteotomies to help shape the nose after a hump is taken down, and sutures to help shape the tip.

General anesthesia will be required. At the end of the procedure intranasal splints and external splints are often placed.

What to expect during your recovery

The nasal splints are usually removed 1-2 weeks after surgery. Sleeping with your head elevated is important to help decrease swelling and discomfort. It is recommended to avoid blowing your nose as well.

Bruising typically subsides 2-3 weeks after surgery. Most of the swelling will be gone 6 weeks after surgery, however it is important to know that slight swelling can be present up to 6 months after rhinoplasty.

Patients can typically return to full activity 4-6 weeks after surgery but this varies from patient to patient.

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Payment & Financing

Rhinoplasty may be covered by insurance for medical reasons. All cosmetic surgeries must be paid for in full 7 days before surgery.

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Financing Options

Prosper Healthcare Lending – call 1-800-625-7412 ext. 2
Care Credit – call 1-800-677-0718

Breathe easier or achieve the look you have always wanted. If you feel like you would benefit from rhinoplasty, please reach out today.